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Gentleman Rabbit(LED)

Gentleman Rabbit used to be a carefree rabbit. She dressed like humans to blend in the human society.
However, the unrestrained clothing also made her uneasy, unable to jump freely, not to mention the swollen cheeks due to the neck tie.
We humans were once as free as animals, but the invisible shackles of the modern times have left us no room to breathe, making us as ludicrous as animals wanting to dress like men. How we regain the spirit of reedon in life is an issue worth pondering on by all of us.

The product not only serves as a home decoration, but also has a light scent that fills the living environment and illuminates it like a lampshade.
The battery-operated product with built-in LED reproduces candle-like light without the need to use real candles.  It is a new type of fun fragrance candle ornament with visual and olfactory features. 

Size: 200(L) x 190(W) x 320(H) mm
Material: Candle / LED Lighting Assembly
Weight: 1.7-1.8kg

Made in Taiwan
Content: The products are a limited edition run of 200.

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