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Loch Ness Monster Cat(Cup)

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster, we've all seen the rumored videos and photos, but no one has truly seen its true form??? One day, a fisherman claimed to have witnessed its true form and told me this story. It turns out that the Loch Ness Monster that the witness saw was just a fisherman's cat, a Siamese cat that loved to play in the water every day, and on that day, someone took a photo of the cat's tail sticking out of the water, and it spread as a legend of a monster. The legend became one of the world's greatest mysteries!!!

Designer's words:
Humans have an endless imagination, but it also fully reflects people's rumors and exaggerations. Sometimes, in the face of unknown networks or rumors, while exercising imagination, also don't forget to confirm the correctness of the message, let us be a civilized person with unlimited imagination but also wise.

Let's discover together where the Loch Ness Monster is???

Size: 63(L) x 63(W) x 125(H) mm

Made in Taiwan

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